Winter is here. Our local homeless shelter had their first “warming shelter” night where they opened the local community kitchen up overnight for people to come in from the inclement weather. This morning their were several more people in attendance there for our weekly Morning Prayers & Eucharist Service.

In Saint Francis’ day, on a cold night, many took what advantage they could of a big medieval community oven. The stones held the heat from the fire well into the evening, so people found shelter huddling together in the oven. However, as the oven became more crowded the more some complained. Perhaps Francis was tempted to complain as well, instead as he looked around he saw in the ruined faces of the homeless the faces of the brothers and sisters of Christ, and in fact, the face of Christ himself.

In a couple of weeks on December 21st we’ll hold a Memorial Service for those in the Homeless Community who have departed this year. Anyone who has lost someone dear to them, or who is facing their own vulnerability can more easily relate, understand, or have compassion.

Remember the vulnerable.

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