Between Thanksgiving and Advent

This year is an oddly timed year. Most years Advent begins the Sunday after Thanksgiving, but this year Thanksgiving is early, and Advent doesn’t begin until December 3rd. So what to do in the in between?

Unfortunately for me, I am dealing with a mechanic for my truck, a plumber for my house, and setting an overdue doctors appointment for…me. Stress, inconvenience, and unwanted necessity seem to be the order of the day.

I walked past a shelf in my home, it holds some icons, a communion cup, some prayer beads, a couple of candles, and my wife just set out a nativity scene in preparation for the holidays ahead. Also, a prayer book is nearby.

I took a few moments, I just breathed and sipped a cup of coffee. I then picked up the prayer book and read the prayers and passages appointed for the day, taking a little time to think and meditate.

And I think that’s what you do with the in between. Do what you must, but don’t forget to breathe and pray.

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