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I Am The Bread

“I am the bread who came down from heaven…unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you have no life in you. Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.…”

Adam and Eve ate of the tree and broke fellowship with God. How is it that God chose to use something to eat to re-establish fellowship with us? Through Jesus HE reverses the curse, He reverses the effect of sin and death, HE turns this act of eating that was a form of disobedience, into an act of obedience, which sets us free. 

And that is Communion.

(credit to sparks of creativity to author dee henderson)

Plastic Rosaries

At the Street Chapel it was evident that so many were sick today. An aid worker cleaned and continuously sprayed Lysol wherever she went. The night had been cold, so many were in the day room this morning as we invited people to join us for prayers, lessons, and communion.
We keep available inexpensive plastic rosaries for people to pick up for free. The last 3 weeks we have given away dozens. For whatever reason they have been in demand. At the most basic level I’d say people desire to have something to hold on to, even if it is only a plastic set of prayer beads. But if it reminds them of Jesus on a cold and harsh winter night, if that helps them through in some small way… God, I hope in some small way we help them to make it through.
Don’t forget them-Pray for the homeless in our cities.

The Street Chapel

Weekly I provide a Prayers and Communion service at our local homeless services center. We call this the “Street Chapel.”
Today the Street Chapel was pretty busy. The day center was filled and chaotic with the throng of people who have sheltered at the local hospitality kitchen for the night, and literally for the past week, as temperatures have dipped to as low as 12 and 13 night after night.
The police made an arrest while deacon and I were there today. Various loud conversations carried on through the facility, some slept in chairs or on the floor…
Deacon began morning prayers, read the lesson, the story of the Magi following the star, a story the people would be familiar with perhaps, then paused for silence during prayers of the people. For some reason they always respect that moment…
Confession and communion, more than one homeless person rang out a hearty “alleluia” today. Several came up to receive, thankful for the opportunity. They received the benediction for God’s face to shine upon them and give them His peace… on one of the coldest, harshest days of the year. May it be so.