Better Together

Ecclesiastes chapter 4 says:

Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble. (V. 9-10)

Sometimes you see someone in a band, sports team, business, whatever, who thinks the success rested on their efforts more so than any one else’s, and so they leave for a “solo career” or “fire their cabinet” only to realize that the band/team/business is no longer what it originally was. Pride and arrogance can get in the way.

What is U2 without Adam Clayton? What is Mumford without the other Mumford(s)? What are The Stones without Keith Richards?

Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones has a friendly rivalry with The Stones Ron Wood about who is the best guitarist. Keith says that there are many, many excellent guitarists out there one on one… But of his and Ron’s partnership “Put us together and we’re better than a team of ten others” –

Are you Better Together?

Regarding leadership and teamwork, do you have people like that? Do you have people that you are “better together” than you are apart? These are the people you want to team with.

People who agree on a mutual agenda, and do not insist on their own agenda all the time, are people you want on your team. People who lead by serving, loving, and seeking the best.

If you are the lead responsible/accountable person in your business or ministry then you need people who make a choice to support the agenda you set, who’ll be a friend to you through the good and the bad, who do well what you don’t do so well… the people God sends to you- that you are better together than apart. They compliment you, you compliment them, you work well as a team…can you accomplish more together?


You can do anything with the right team, desiring the best for the mission and for each other, with mutual humility, love and respect.

Better together!

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