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September 29th is Michaelmas, or Saint Michael’s Day.

In our age, we may not really connect with idea that there are beings, angels, operating in our world. At the same time, perhaps there is mystery, things we cannot explain with science, maybe we do not know everything. There have been reports of interactions with Angels in human history dating back thousands of years as well as buy contemporaries, including a story about Russian Cosmonauts encountering Angelic beings in space during the mid 80s.

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. -Hebrews 13:2

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle;
be our protection against the wickedness

and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray:
and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host,
by the power of God,
thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits
who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.

A Healing Service

This week we’re hosting an Anglican Healing Prayer Service. To some this may seem more on the Charismatic side, but the fact is a “healing service” is something that has been practiced regularly. Historically speaking you can read several of the early church fathers for framing an understanding. This is from Athanasias in the 4th century:

The Lord did not come to make a display. He came to heal and to teach suffering men. For one who wanted to make a display the thing would have been just to appear and dazzle the beholders. But for Him Who came to heal and to teach the way was not merely to dwell here, but to put Himself at the disposal of those who needed Him, and to be manifested according as they could bear it…”
― Athanasius of Alexandria, On the Incarnation


We pray because we believe that Our Father hears.

The Sending

Too often at the end of a service we have neglected to remind each other of our job/mission as the church, as we walk out of the door and into the city, and world we live in.

Here is the “sending of the church”– it’s a traditional liturgical prayer, and should be our commission every Sunday after celebrating and worshiping together:

Go out into the world in peace; have courage; hold on to what is good; return no one evil for evil; strengthen the fainthearted; support the weak, and help the suffering; honor all people; love and serve the Lord, rejoicing in the power of the Holy Spirit.

So here we go…


Too late have I loved you, O Beauty so ancient,
 O Beauty so new.
Too late have I loved you!
You were within me but I was outside myself,
and there I sought you! In my weakness I ran
after the beauty of the things you have made.
You were with me, and I was not with you.
The things you have made kept me from you,
the things which would have no being at all
unless they existed in you! 
You have called, you have cried,
and you have pierced my deafness.
You have radiated forth,
you have shined out brightly,
and you have dispelled my blindness.
You have sent forth your fragrance,
and I have breathed it in,
and I long for you…
I have tasted you, and I hunger and thirst
for you.
You have touched me, and I ardently desire
your peace.
– Augustine, 4th century

The Call

“We’ve been called to heal wound, 
unite what has fallen apart, 
and bring home those who have lost their way…” 
-Saint Francis-
The thing is- you don’t have to have a seminary education, or a Damascus Road call to ministry to do this. No, you just have to care about other people and try to love them. Francis understood that Jesus was his foundation, and that he couldn’t love others without having first experienced the love of Jesus in his own heart. But then…

Let Us Begin Again

Saint Francis gathered his brothers together, not long before he passed away, and said “Let us begin again…”

This exemplifies one particular trait that I wish to carry with me throughout the rest of my life, no matter how old I am; To always be ready and willing to start again, to try something new, and to be ready to learn.

The possibility of “What if?” is enough to keep a glint in your eye. “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” is a great place to live. I think Francis lived in this place of expectancy and possibility.  Dream, pray, and act are often the first three steps to amazing things… it’s called the Book of Acts for a reason… and we’re still writing that one.