Available And Out Of Gas

Oswald Chambers said-

“Ministering in everyday opportunities means being God’s special choice to be available for use in the seemingly random surroundings He has engineered for us.”
~My Utmost for His Highest

This quote actually played out in my life a while back-

A few years ago, Josh Stump from Nashville & I were in Joplin MO launching a new church plant. On the way back to the Tulsa Airport we ran out of gas in a sparse area of the country. Ultimately my AAA membership provided 4 gallons for us, Josh walked back with a 1 gallon container of gas which we didn’t immediately need. But we were on the road less than 5 minutes, and saw another car pulled to the side, it was a mom and child out of gas with their blinker lights on. We stopped, poured in the gallon of gas, enough to get her to the next exit. what seemed to be such an inconvenience for us (running out of gas) may have served another purpose. Were we there at the right place, at the right time, just for this mom & kid?

Poor examples we may be, but God had engineered, through seemingly random events, this coincidence and connection… simply because we’d made ourselves available.

Make this your prayer this week:
“Father-I am yours to use without having to ask my permission.”

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