Before you judge…

It doesn’t take long on social media these days to find outrage. We think we see, watch, or read about a situation and quickly make a judgement about it then post our opinion. Many times, however, a few hours later we realize that we took the click-bait and the story is bigger and more detailed than what we originally ascertained.

Recently I watched an episode of The Orville that addressed this phenomena of 21st century life. People were rated, judged, sent to prison, or lobotomized according to societal consensus and outrage via social media. I found it to be a very insightful episode.

The problem is that our society judges harshly, yet I doubt we would want to be judged by the same measure by which we judge or display our outrage at others. It is one of the least appealing or Christ-like things we can do. I have said for a while that we are living in an age of “non-grace.” This has to change, especially with our harsh judgement upon each other. Too often we quote moral leaders but neglect to apply their teachings on peace, love and forgiveness. 

We often make fools of ourselves when we judge the intentions of another…Our own intentions or prejudice are easily revealed in our outrage. The heart is deceitful and so wicked we don’t know the evil in our own hearts.

There is hope. We just have to remember before we react, and see like Jesus sees. He saw everyone as a potential disciple and friend, that was his baseline, not to see anyone as an enemy but as a child of God, however imperfect.

“Father help us to be kinder to others, giving the benefit of a doubt, not pre-judging but believing the best about others whenever possible, for we would seek the same on our own behalf when they encounter us.”

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