Comfortable With Who You Are

Servant-leaders must learn to be comfortable with who God has made them to be and not get  self-worth from the praise and adulation of men. It is flattering to be consulted, asked for advice, but what happens when you’re not the coolest pastor, or the coolest church to go to anymore, if you ever were… one year you’re asked to speak at conferences, sit on committees, and people value your thoughts… how will you handle it when you are not sought out? Politics, circumstance, opinions, and sometimes, people are fickle. If you’re getting your self-worth from anyone or anywhere else but God at some point you will become disoriented.

A Prayer called The Litany of Humility states:

From the desire of being esteemed, Deliver me, Jesus. From the desire of being honored …From the desire of being praised …From the desire of being preferred to others…From the desire of being consulted …Deliver me, Jesus.

Learn humility sooner rather than later, practice humbleness and don’t get your self-worth from the praise and adulation of men, learn peace in your heart, learn to affirm others instead of your self interest, encourage others, promote the qualities of others because you are comfortable and confident in whom God has made you.

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