Humble Spaces Where Heaven Meets Earth

Holy worship in humble places
Heaven and earth meet together
Full hearts resound praise
“Lift up your hearts”
“We lift them up to the Lord”

I sat in a ‘sanctuary’ recently. There was nothing to really make the place beautiful. In fact it was a humble place. An old industrial building in downtown that is being used for a worship space; a church. My church has met in a coffee shop for several years, I have other friends who meet in alternative spaces, a building is a building…

Anyway, this old industrial space, it’s not much to look at but it’s clean and lit with candles, it is a very humble place… but what makes it sacred, what makes it beautiful, is the fact that it is a place where heaven meets earth. Whenever people sing in worship with full hearts, like, as loud as they can with all they’ve got… it’s like we are children reaching up as high as we can, asking to be picked up by Papa!

“Lift up your hearts” is a refrain I hear weekly during the liturgy; the response is always “We lift them up to the Lord”. Heaven comes to earth when we worship; God enters humble spaces to be with us.

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