A Healing Service

This week we’re hosting an Anglican Healing Prayer Service. To some this may seem more on the Charismatic side, but the fact is a “healing service” is something that has been practiced regularly. Historically speaking you can read several of the early church fathers for framing an understanding. This is from Athanasias in the 4th century:

The Lord did not come to make a display. He came to heal and to teach suffering men. For one who wanted to make a display the thing would have been just to appear and dazzle the beholders. But for Him Who came to heal and to teach the way was not merely to dwell here, but to put Himself at the disposal of those who needed Him, and to be manifested according as they could bear it…”
― Athanasius of Alexandria, On the Incarnation


We pray because we believe that Our Father hears.

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