The Sum Total

The church isn’t the steeple, the sound-system, the furnishings, or even the programs, buildings or events. The church is the people, (quoting Teddy Roosevelt) “where they are, with what they have, doing what they can.” We see this best displayed in times of crisis. Often the churches are the first on the scene providing relief, mercy, compassion, prayer, a listening ear and support…people helping people.

The people of the church, when they become the hands, feet, ears, eyes and other parts of the body of Christ, can effect the world around them greatly and positively-

The church is called to enrich the culture it finds it’s self in, often in the areas of greatest need, be it music and art, compassion and mercy or redemptive social change.

Synergos: There’s a greek word, Syn-ergos, it means “The total is greater than the sum of it’s parts”. The term synergy comes from the Greek word syn-ergos, συνεργός, meaning a “working together”

Hebrews chapter 10 says: “Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.” When we do this as the people of the church, the total is greater than the sum of all it’s parts.

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